- Web-Based Bidding and Estimating

Internet Bidding:

Collect, Sort, and Award Bids through the Internet
The purpose of the BuilderHelper bidding module is to allow you to invite trade contractors to bid, and to collect those bids, through the internet. This will save you the hassle and costs associated with printing plans, distributing/tracking plans, and organizing/comparing different formats of bids that come back to you.

The process begins with you creating a "Job open for Bid" within your BuilderHelper account which includes an electronic version of the project plan. You then check off a list of trade contractors you want to invite to bid on the plan. At this point, an email and cellphone text message is sent to every selected trade contractor inviting him or her to log in to their account on BuilderHelper, view the plan and project specifications, perform any on-screen takeoffs necessary, then compile and submit a bid back to you.

Then, BuilderHelper organizes each submitted bid into an easy-to-read report and allows you to compare competing bids side-by-side. Once you have decided who you want to use for the project, you click a button to "award" your chosen trade contractor which then prompts you to assign them into the appropriate task in your project schedule.

Finally, the awarded trade contractor is notified by email and cellphone text message that their bid has been accepted, and they are informed of when they are scheduled to show up on the project site.

The average general contractor can save over $300/project on plan copies through the use of the BuilderHelper Bidding module.

On-Screen Estimating:

Share Electronic Measureable Plans through the Internet
The purpose of the BuilderHelper "Estimating Tool" is to allow you and your trade contractors to do everything from a computer screen on an electronic plan that you would normally do with a physical set of paper plans. This includes accurate measurements, counts, and take-offs.

This cutting-edge tool lets you move the plan around on your screen, zoom in and out, draw shapes, and do counts. Most importantly, you can see a pin-point accurate measurement associated with any shapes or lines you draw on the plan. This includes linear measurements, square-footages, and volumes.

Easily Outline your Plans to get Pin-point Accurate Measurements
What this means for you is that BuilderHelper is not just another "send a .jpg plan" to your trades solution. BuilderHelper actually makes these electronic plans as, if not more, useful to you and your trades than paper plans. And because these measurements are often faster to perform and more accurate than traditional measuring methods, BuilderHelper's estimating tool is a solution that will truly impact your bottom-line by saving you material costs and time.

Easy-to-use Reports Convert your Measurements into an Estimate
But don't forget the reports! BuilderHelper easily integrates with estimating software to take your on-screen measurements and translate them into material and labor costs. With just a few clicks, you can have a complete estimate from your electronic plans on BuilderHelper.

The average general contractor can save over $1,200/project through savings associated with fewer plan copies and more accurate estimates through the use of the BuilderHelper estimating tool.


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