- Web-Based Customer Management

Customer Management:

Provide your Customers with a Username and Password to access their Project Info.
The purpose of the BuilderHelper customer management module is to provide you with an easy way to meet the informational needs of your project customers or home buyers through the power of the internet.

The BuilderHelper customer management process begins with you creating a unique username and password for your project customer. This provides them access to a "control panel" from which they can view important project information that you have made accessible to them including important documents, views of the project plan, the project schedule, and any back-and-forth conversations either you or your customer have initiated.

The BuilderHelper Customer Control Panel
It also provides your customer with a venue for reporting repair and warranty requests, as well as a place to view and make option selections for their home.

Option Selections:

Allow your Customers to make Option Selections Online
BuilderHelper allows you to easily create a list of options to be selected by your project customer. These can include things like light fixtures, tile options, paint colors, carpet choices, plumbing fixtures, etc. Your customer simply logs into their online account, looks through the list of option selections you have made available including photos. Then, with the click of a button, they can check off which options they want and submit these changes to you for your review. Conveniently, you can provide deadlines for your customers to make their selections ensuring that the selections are made in a timely manner.

Most importantly, the BuilderHelper customer management module keeps a solid "paper-trail" of all the interactions and communication you have with your customers which will save you time and headaches if disputes ever arise.


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