- Web-Based RFI and Change Orders

Take all those paper, hand-written, RFIs and throw them in the recycling bin!

BuilderHelper has faithfully duplicated the real-world RFI process electronically and through the Internet! All essential communication and approvals between you, your trade contractors, your architect, and your customers can be tracked online!

Share RFIs through the Internet!
Just create a new RFI, choose the recipients, fill in the details, attach documents, and hit "send." Each recipient can then tack on their input, revisions, feedback, documents, and changes. This shared electronic RFI can then be closed out and archived when the communication cycle is complete, or can be converted to a change order for approval.

Best of all, these RFIs tie into the rest of the BuilderHelper modules, so you can reference a specific task on your schedule, or a specific spot on your electronic plan and a single mouse click takes you there for reference!


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