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Scheduling Tool:

Easy Drag-and-drop Flowchart to Schedule your Jobs
The purpose of the BuilderHelper scheduling tool is to allow you to visually organize your project schedules in order to see when critical tasks need to be accomplished, and how changes in the schedule will affect the project flow.

The process of launching a project in the BuilderHelper system begins with you creating a schedule from scratch, or using a pre-made template to automatically provide you with a "skeleton" schedule to work with. You can then visually adjust the schedule flow, predecessors, and successors, to fit your specific project. This is done by simply clicking on a task and dragging it to be a longer duration, or moving it to a new date on the calendar.

Once your schedule flow is organized correctly, you simply drag and drop trade contractors from your trade contractor library onto their assigned tasks to schedule them to perform their work on the job-site. Once the job is made "live" each trade contractor is automatically notified of their assignment through an email and cellphone text message.

Finally, when it comes time to adjust your schedule, BuilderHelper eliminates much of the tedium of shifting task after task by smartly adjusting the schedule based on the predecessors and successors you created originally. Essentially this means, if you move one task's date or duration, all other tasks that rely on the changing task are instantly and automatically updated to reflect the change also.

Send Automatic Schedule Reminders to Trade Contractors by Email and Cell-phone
Additionally, whenever schedule changes occur, the assigned trade contractor is automatically notified by email and cellphone text message eliminating much of the time you spend on the phone calling trade contractors to tell them when to appear on the job site.

The average general contractor can save over $800/project through savings enabled by the use of the BuilderHelper scheduling tool.


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